Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage from a Recent Storm?

Even if you believe your roof was spared from the devastation caused by one of our most recent hail storms, hail damage can still affect it. People frequently don’t think small hail can be too much of an issue, but over time, a lot of small hail strikes can damage the shingle matting and loosen roofing granules, which can result in an unsightly roof and possibly serious leaks.

The hail damage may still be present even though it is not always apparent to the naked eye. Even if there was no obvious damage when you inspected your siding or roofing following a hailstorm, you should still have your roof inspected by a Professional Denver Roofing Contractor.

The absence of missing shingles does not imply that your roof is free from other issues. Usually, high winds, not hail damage, are the cause of missing shingles.

denver roof with hail damageHas Hail Damage Affected You During a Recent Storm? Don’t Worry…

Meteorological phenomena such as hail, severe storms, strong winds, and falling trees can result in significant damage to your property. Hail damage is Denver’s most frequent storm-related problem. Colorado is home to over fifteen severe hailstorms on average per year throughout the state. Although hail damage is frequently fairly obvious, occasionally a professional is needed to assess potential damage. For such a diagnosis, contact our Roofing Contractors in Denver County. They will collaborate with you and your insurance provider to determine whether the damage warrants filing a claim.