Roof Replacement Questions

Frequently asked questions about Colorado roof replacements are listed below.

FAQ on Roof Replacement:

a homeowner pondering over new roofing ideasHow can I determine if I need a residential roof replacement or repair?

This primarily depends on how well the original contractor completed the work or if the shingles are past their prime. If the damage hasn’t compromised their integrity or entire placement, shingles can be repaired while still in good condition. It is wiser to replace the entire roof if the shingles are old and deteriorating.

How can I determine whether I really need a new roof?

Older roofs with shingles typically have a 15–30 year lifespan. This is dependent upon the condition of the current roof’s roofing material and whether storm damage has affected your roof. Lifespan and warranties are far better now than they were ten years ago. However, it’s best to keep an eye out for repairs or replacement if the roof is twelve years old or older, just for peace of mind. Things to watch out for include curling shingles, leaky evidence, missing or decaying shingles, wind damage, and obvious cracks.

Do I need to replace my downspouts and gutters every time?

Your gutters and downspouts will be accommodated by the roofing contractors if they are in good condition and still functional. After the roof is finished, we won’t take them down and put them back in to prevent serious damage.

Before the roofing company begins, what do I need to know?

This is often a loud process. You might want to consider your peace of mind and the well-being of your pets once we start removing the old roof. We promise to make every effort to keep you as hassle-free and inconvenience-free as possible throughout the installation of your new roof, but we are only human. We need to back up our roof removal trucks as close to the house as possible, so please try to park your cars in the street. It’s a good idea to close your swimming pool’s cover when not in use because roofing debris can get inside.

My current roof is leaking, what should I do?

Maybe you don’t need a full replacement. One possible cause of leaks is recently loosening flashing or severely damaged roof material. Our qualified inspectors will give the property a close inspection and inform you of everything you need.

How long is the typical lifespan of a new roof?

The majority of newly installed or completely replaced roofs are made to last for roughly 20 years. Colorado’s lack of excessive humidity is a huge benefit, but winter can pose certain risks to a newly installed roof. We will, however, provide you the best warranty we can.

What warning indicators exist for a commercial roof that need to be replaced?

There are various indicators that indicate when your roof needs to be replaced. In terms of outward indicators, loose flashing, leaks, ceiling spots, water collection, tears in the PCV or EPDM, blistering and buckling, and an abundance of shingle granules in the gutters can all be signs of problems with the roof. Another indicator is age. Your roof may be nearing the end of its useful life if it is more than 20 years old. An additional sign that your commercial roof needs to be replaced is a rise in your energy costs for heating and cooling. Your roof may be leaking air, in which case you should have a professional inspect it. This can be indicated by an increase in cost.

It’s leaking on my roof. Does it need to be replaced entirely?

Although a leaking roof indicates damage, a roof replacement may not always be necessary. Occasionally, seemingly insignificant issues like loose flashing or shingles that have blown off or been damaged can result in leaks. As long as your commercial roof is in good enough condition, our skilled team can make repairs to prolong its life. Additionally, a silicone roof coating, which coats the current roof coating and offers a solvent alternative to replacement, might be a great option for some commercial flat or slightly sloped roofs. Replacement may be the only option, though, if your roof is exhibiting numerous signs of age and wear.

How much will the replacement of my roof cost?

Every circumstance has unique difficulties that influence price changes. Your residential or commercial roof replacement will cost depending on a number of factors. Among these are a few of these elements:

  • How big your roof is.
  • Condition of the current roof.
  • Roof entry
  • Selection of insulation
  • selection for installation
  • Membrane selection
  • Shingle selection
  • If a roof coating is a good fit for your roof
  • Penetrations in the roof
  • Sort of Guarantee / Warranty on existing and new roof

To replace my commercial roof, how long does it take Denver Roofing Contractors?

Roofing projects are impacted by a variety of factors, including weather and product availability. Furthermore, during the installation process, your roof might need to be inspected, depending on where you live. During the replacement process, some cities, like Littleton and Denver, demand an ice and water inspection or a mid-roof inspection. This indicates that prior to installing the subsequent layer, work must be halted and inspected in accordance with the inspector’s schedule. But in the shortest amount of time possible, our roofing contractors will complete your roof replacement, from taking off the old roof to carefully cleaning the property of any leftover debris and nails from the replacement. Our skilled contractors will always provide their ongoing expertise throughout the various job stages and will adhere to a schedule that ensures they are present for city inspections.

How can I choose the best kind of roof for my commercial property?

Together, you and our skilled roofing team will choose the ideal roofing solution for your building. We take into account installation requirements, energy costs, and weather. You have a lot of choices when it comes to commercial roofing.

In the event of an urgent leak in a commercial roof, what should I do?

Protecting everything in your building should be your top priority if you find that your commercial roof is leaking. Mark the leak area and give us a call as soon as your property is secure.

Give me an estimate, please.

The business owner will actually visit your residence or commercial establishment to determine and inspect your specific needs. By itself, this may help you avoid paying thousands of dollars in commissions that hiring an outside salesperson would have required. Please give us 24 to 48 hours’ notice when requesting home visits.

Please note all Roofing Contractors are different and you should inquire specifically with them about any of the above questions when you call us!

Are there any questions you still have that our commercial roof FAQs don’t address? Give 303-268-2877 a call. Your questions will be answered by our roofing specialists.